Catching Up and Making Book Forms

Hmm its been so long …
But.. things have been busy with gardening, the allotment, looking out for bees, birds and hedgehogs and cycling to the wood to sketch and then on the art front general faffing about with various projects.

But as autumn approaches I do have that “new term” feeling. A little frisson of anticipation at the thought of  learning something new and making yet another attempt at making something really wonderful.
Having never been far away from education and learning, my year tend to begin in September so I am tidying up, organising my workspace and sharpening my pencils in readiness.

Here are a few things that have kept me busy and  challenged over the last few months:-

Daily Drawings.. a heap of them … all sort of subjects, drawings, colours and print trials.


I have a few more weeks to go until I complete a year  and then I have to decide how to bind them. A nice winter project?

A Book of Bugs

10 bugs from a small booklet, hopefully one of a few about the garden which definitely gets stranger and stranger each year.
Strange Garden :The Bugs. 10 Drypoint etchings 


A Book of Ohs...Playing with a rigid concertina structure and some type.


Church Graffiti

And a couple of pieces which explore a little about the wonderful graffiti found on the walls of Churches.

One is a booklet of embossed images.
Often the marks and drawings are only revealed by the use of raking light which can reveal the secrets of these fascinating surfaces.The embossed images also need directional light to be seen.


The second booklet is based on images from a small church I knew well as a child. There is a beautiful owl and some strange figures… I wonder who made them?
The print is folded into the map form in a protective card booklet.

Some print trials of the owl. echoing the scratched surface of the walls

The map fold..

The simple booklet which opens up to reveal one of the figures and then the folded map.

For some reason this was all very difficult and took so long, much longer than the simple form warranted. I am not sure why but I’m glad to have brought it to a conclusion.

And of course more drawings from the wood and the reservoir … just a couple from earlier this year.



So.. the pencils are now sharp, the rollers are cleaned and some new inks ready for the next “term” .. 🙂 hurrahhhh.



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  1. Wow! Val what a lot of work. Wonderful drawings. Brilliant ideas. I love the bugs.
    Hope to meet up soon

    Love Gay xx

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