Some colour… and other trials.

I am just getting back to doing some work after six weeks of dealing with a problem septic splinter in, of course, my right index finger. I am not quite a fully functional model yet but have managed to do a few useful printmaking colour samples.

They are part of an interesting course I was trying to do about colour, but as related to printmaking. Printmaking inks are very specific and come in a more limited range than other paints and it’s only really by mixing that you will achieve the colours you may want. I have been rather lazy in doing swatches and mixes so this has been a good discipline, something I should have done years ago and a bit of a distraction from the poorly finger.


It all involves lots of mixing and note taking which is very time consuming but something I could more or less do with one hand. I then managed to get a cardboard strip rolled up with different inks and rolled various inks to test transparency and its effects with overlaying etc. I am hoping they will come in useful when I do get back to cutting blocks etc. which will be a while yet.

Also on this glorious autumn day I got back on the bike for the first time in 6 weeks and went up to the wood for a bit of lovely green therapy and managed a little wobbly mossy sketch.

Better than nothing!

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