Recent Sketches and Mason Bees

I don’t have too much to report at the moment. Days slip by seemingly faster than ever and I am busy with some commercial work and a bit of gardening. 🙂
The mason bees have woken up at last and things are reluctantly growing.


A busy female mason bee making up for lost time I hope and the empty cocoons. Hope springs eternal!

But I am continuing the daily drawings and the quick sketches in the wood which are both a record of what is happening and information gathering for projects-yet-to-be-started. I have a long list of those, as well as the half started ones. It seems to have been even more difficult to actually finish projects this year but I am hoping to attend my favourite City Lit course in June. Covid permitting. A book will hopefully happen.

Daily Drawings

The daily drawings/prints/ sketches are a mixed bag as usual!


Sketches in the Wood
I decided to add a bit of colour to the sketches in the wood and needed to find something simple enough for the 15 min sketches, which I can use standing up. I did try taking some paints but it was just too faffy. Eventually I decided to take a few pencil colours. They, of course, have such a different line quality from the pen but nice for that.

As I have said before it’s more about just being out there than the drawing. A shame I can’t share the birdsong and the smell of damp woods and new nettles.

A little sunlit cowslip and some colours


The bluebells have been particularly beautiful  this year. Especially as I missed them last year due to lockdown.


Today 18th May 7.30 am
A very quick sketch of the beautiful nodding heads of the pendulous sedge accompanied by exuberant birdsong and a tiny scampering mouse. Then a couple of notes for daily drawings. I am yet to identify the bug!


Keep well and safe !




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  1. Wow! You have been busy. I’ve have seen very few bluebells but have seen carpets of cowslip 🙂

    My garden is slowly waking up but where are the bees?
    I have plenty of ladybirds…… but I haven’t seen much else 🙁

    Enjoy City Lit 🙂 xx

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