About Me

Val Littlewood BA MA SIAD

Artist Designer and now Printmaker.
After a career in commercial art, design and teaching I am now loving the many faceted world of printmaking: woodcuts, lino and a bit of letterpress and bookbinding thrown in.
My long held desire to make my own books from top to toe, illustration printing and binding, becoming a bit more of a reality.

I am interested in many things but walking, seeing, writing and sketching are at the heart of what I do and where ideas and projects start. In my creative life I have been extremely lucky to be able to explore many aspects of art and design through practice and teaching, from illustration, book design, murals, fine decorative painting and gilding, ceramics, commercial product design, printmaking and more. I have worked in many different media and loved each and every one of them, each material bringing its own intrinsic qualities, restrictions and possibilities. They are all fascinating.

….But there is still so much more to discover and learn. Three lives would not give me enough time to create, write, draw and paint all that is in my mind. I have merely scratched the surface of “creativity”. It’s a place of frustration and fulfilment in equal amounts but always seductive.

I regard every day as a source of new possibilities and try to take nothing for granted!

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