Frogs and Sunshine

In the garden, the natural world, blissfully unaware of any human misery, is preparing for spring. The arrival of the frogs is a particular delight. What exactly brings them back to the pond is still a mystery to me and I’m often anxious when they seem to be late. So in their honor and to encourage their return I reworked an old woodblock a bit and added some possible lunch. I also made some small frog prints for the DDs



Of course they came as usual to fill the nights with loud purring and the days with much splashing and frolicking.

The hedgehog has returned, big queen bumble bees and honey bees are busy.  The gorgeous hairy footed flower bee is all over the pulmonaria and the solitary bee box is out full of last years cocoons.  Hurrahhh.  I saw a beautiful brimstone butterfly a couple of weeks ago, the birds are singing their little hearts out and rushing about with twigs and bits of straw . It’s all go in the garden and we are promised some sun this week.

On the work front there have been lots of stops and starts with nothing resolved. But yesterday I reached no 100 of the mossy hump drawings in the wood. Yes!!!

I will just carry on but hopefully with a bit of colour here and there.

I’ve taken a couple of online Zoom classes which have been OK but I find them difficult and often just hijacked by the pushy people in the group. There are always one or two who talk over everyone, go on interminably and are unfailingly the most boring.
But I am so grateful for being able to tap into very interesting talks and demonstrations which are now online. Possibly one of the very few good things to come out of this awful situation.

One very early ray of sunshine was the arrival of the book “Achahha!” from my friend Gill. See more here:


It’s a fabulous collection of her Indian paintings and notes about her travels.  So full of life and humour as is all her work, gorgeous colours and a keen eye for human and animal behaviour. It made my day!
If you want some inspiration, sunshine and cheering up do check out her website.

Thankyou Gill!!

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  1. Hi Val Great tribute to the frog and of course to the garden waking up 🙂

    What a wonderful book. I want one!

    100th drawing……bravo 👏 xx

  2. Our frog is singing, sometimes there are two or three. But have never seen them. Reassuring to know they ARE here.

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