Leaf of the Day: Quick Veg People Update..

While I am busy cutting mounts (mats) and framing, and culling and re-writing blog posts.. sigh .. here are some very famous veg people, and another tribute to Archimboldo. Thank you so much Claire from Exterior Visions for the tip re: the excellent and memorable Australian ad campaign “2 & 5” which promotes eating more fruit and veg. Go to their website here for some really great visual treats.

You can transform yourself from poor grey pill man to a colourful veg man.

The campaign has a stellar cast… Hosted by dear Rolf…..

aided by Edna, resplendent in stunning chili pepper specs.

Watch the ads online, they are such fun, and see Rolf create some vegie masterpieces including of course, a healthy cabbage clad but still inscrutable Mona.(Rolf gets in the picture in the background)

…and, joy of joys….a colouring page which I shall be getting right down to after breakfast ( I LOVE colouring books, all that tedious drawing done for you!)

Oh dear, more playing with food possibilities Eleanor…..but still I see no kohlrabies….!