Leaf of the Day:Some Beautiful White Daisies

I really don’t know of any other flowers that make me quite as happy as simple white daises. If I could only have one flower, this would be the one. To me a daisy embodies all that is pretty, light, airy and optimistic. I loved to see the wild oxeye daisies in the summer fields. My favourite dress until it fell apart was a 1950’s wrap around..it was green with white daisies. In the Victorian Language of Flowers, daisies were an emblem of fidelity, and also used in love spells. Remember pulling off the petals… “She loves me, she loves me not,” or “This year, next year, sometimes, never,” to predict your marriage. Think of the saying “as fresh a a daisy”. How can you look at this happy flower with its open sunny face and not smile.

So my first ” good omen” ..my first “light, gay flower” for this year is a very simple sketch of a daisy from the Daisy Tree Montanoa Grandiflora. This gorgeous big tree has been smothered in white blossoms for about 2 months, perfectly situated in the White Garden at Leu.

Not only do they have these beautiful flowers but afterwards there are these attractive green bobbly seedheads.

And there are other varieties of these lovely Montanoas, each with differing petal shapes.
Here, nearby ,is its relative, the equally pretty Daisy Vine, Montanoa guatemalensis, with more spidery white flowers

A fittingly cheery and optimistic flower to start the New Year.


Montanoa Grandiflora…big daisy