In The Woods. Some Useful Sketches

The ancient oaks in Savages Spinney are just beginning to lose their leaves and they are looking magnificent. Their turning leaves are gleaming copper in the low sun, their long black branches twisting and snaking away from their massive trunks.

IMG_5187         IMG_5349

I often think about these branches. Their gestures are those of reaching out, of continually seeking something that lies away from their centre. They grow out and out until gravity defeats them, leaving rips, cracks and fissures.  Sometimes contorted dead branches remain silhouetted against the sky, sinister in their way.
But the Tree itself carries on despite these catastrophes.
I have to admit to having tree envy.

tree2    tree1    tree-3

tree4    tree5    tree-6

tree-7     tree8     tree9
Oaks in Savages Spinney: A3 Ink sketches
Oaks fascinate me, they did in Florida.
A little Live Oak leaf was my first Leaf of the Day back in 2008.
So when I walked up through the Spinney it seemed time to return to the woods for some drawing and sketches. They will be useful. Definitely some prints, maybe a book.
Don’t think you are escaping pigs though.. there are more to come. And of course they like acorns 🙂

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  1. Thanks Jim.. sorry for very later reply. Blogging has been a bit sporadic ..hope to do better in 2017! I like these too. Think we are in a minority!

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