Some Rabbits

It’s very easy for a whole day to go by here without really doing very much except wander about the countryside, round the lake and along the hedgerows.

In a new place there is so much to take in. But I don’t even have to go out.

Opposite us there is a family of rabbits who play in the road in the early morning. They lollop about and play and nibble the grass or whatever it is that rabbits nibble.
This morning I was fascinated to watch one of them pull down branches of the beech hedge and eat the young leaves. It was very intent on its delicious breakfast, so I could sketch it quickly.

young rabbits sm

Rabbit nibbling the young beech shoots at the bottom of the hedge.

It was a good start but somehow the rest of the day just got away from me. … but I did find a rather interesting fossil of some kind.

We are on Oxford Clay here, which according to Bucks Earth Heritage webpage

“was deposited in a deepening sea around 160 million years ago.”

How wonderful…how exactly does a sea deepen?

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  1. I think after these gorgeous sketches you deserve the day off! What a lovely sight, all that nibbling and stretching up for the fresh new growth

  2. Arh you are back in the UK – fab. A whole new range of plants for you to study and draw?

  3. Those rabbits are insanely adorable.

    But I think the hornet images are even more compassionate.

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