A Journey to Africa and India

No drawing today but a screen shot of my other blog just to prove I have not been seduced by Mickey and his gang just yet.
I have spent all day getting this up and running and the first post written. Just the research takes hours and that is without getting horribly but wonderfully lost in numerous blind alleys.
If you know of anyone who might be interested in the subjects of John Fowler of Leeds agricultural implements (steam ploughs and traction engines and the like) and /or Africa and India in the 1920s and 1930s do pass this on to them. I have many missing details..
The site is

The letters and photographs sent back from Africa and India to my mother are delightful. The first ones from my grandfather Allan Thackeray when he was on his own in Kenya are charming. They are to a young girl (my mum was 8 at the time) so tell about the wildlife and the beauty of Africa..and his neglect in letterwriting.. but then who could blame him faced with such a great adventure