Ginkgos and A Bright Spark

Here are a couple of the daily small drawings which I am just about keeping up with. They will, as I know from previous daily routines, get easier as I do more and they become so much a part of my day that I will feel an uneasy vacuum if I neglect to make one. I am really sure this will happen.. really sure.

One of the drawings had to be a ginko leaf. I bought a small tree when we first came here which is still small but keeping going.

Everything about ginkgos is fascinating and I first became interested in them when I was drawing at Leu Gardens back in 2008.

I have written about them and drawn them here, here and here ….oh, and here too! 🙂 I really like ginkgos.

They are strange things, leathery and ribbed and very beautiful. I brought some back from Tokyo which are very large. Mine are small but of course beautifully formed. This one has lost most of those bright yellows which illuminate our autumn garden, retaining just a hint around the base by the stem.

In the book I will include the etching of the ginkgo and the bee which I made back in the USA as a memory of a lovely time.

A Gap in the Clouds.
I had started this little sketch a few days ago. We have had some strange skies over the water recently with streaks of bright sky inbetween dark clouds.  However more important than some strange clouds is the hopeful, very good news from the USA. A bright spark in the darkness. This drawing will serve as a tribute to that news. Hurahhh


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  1. Yes indeed – a gap in the clouds is apt for the good news from he US, but let’s not forget trump is in place until January 20… He can do some damage.


  2. How lovely Val, I love the Ginko, it’s a plant I dont know.

    Have managed to get a project on the go after our chat last week.

    Love Gay

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