Grain in The Land Magazine

A big thanks to my good friend Gill for this nice little commission for the Land magazine which I completed a few weeks ago.

The illustrations accompany an article on Continuous Grain Cropping by John Letts, heritage grain conservationist and grower. You can read a little about him here at Bakery Bits.

The Land Magazine is ” an occasional magazine about land rights” If you care about the land how it is used and by whom you should have a look. It is full of fascinating stuff.

One full column and three little spots which reflect the top middle and bottom layers of a wheat field. Clover as an undersowing crop. They are scraperboard drawings.

and  a shot of the main illustration in situ.

You can find the Land Magazine online here;

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  1. I really love this. I’ve never heard of Land Magazine. I’ll have a look.

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