Sketching in the Woods

For a few weeks I have been making a quick sketch on my (almost) daily cycle.

I have sketched around here many times before, but this time, to make it a bit more of a challenge I decided to make them roughly measured sketches. Not much measuring,  just 4 or 5 points in an attempt to get the whole thing I am looking at on the page. Very often I  get carried away with the subject and don’t really pay attention to the proportions.
Of course it doesn’t really matter because each drawing should be your interpretation rather than a slavish copy, but this simple measured drawing makes you observe more closely, look at the relationships of one thing to another and negative spaces etc etc…..which is never a bad thing!

It’s very enjoyable, but mostly because  it’s sheer bliss to be up in the woods, early in the morning, with just the singing birds and swaying trees. I am very lucky.

I take a pen and small sketch book, spend about 15 mins on each sketch and then photograph each sketch in situ. Sometimes not very well, but you will see the idea from the snaps below.


They are simple and quick but full of info and possibilities..

I am not quite sure what will come out of this, if anything,  but I will carry on for a while longer and see what happens.. 🙂


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