Twelve Trees Book at The Logan Press

Over the last few weeks I have been planning a book to showcase just 12 of my favourite trees from the Spinney. I have been working up to making a proper book with letterpress type and the illustrations printed from the original woodblocks.Now it is a little bit closer to becoming a reality.

I am delighted to say that Patrick Roe at Logan Press has agreed that I can print the book with him. I will learn a huge amount, building on the work I did with Thomas Gravemaker at Letterpress Amsterdam who I hope to be seeing again in Feb to print “The Pig Book”.
So lots to do in the next few months.
I will be documenting the progress of Twelve Trees on the blog and also on Instagram etc. It will be a 32 page book with 12 full page woodcuts and a small amount of type based on old sayings, superstitions and the characters of the trees.
The format is a nice generous 350 x 250mm portrait with full bleed images and hand cut titles. Roughs and layouts and first cuts are underway!


Rough layouts for the twelve images and first roughs.

First block, rough and my original sketchbook drawing from last year on the blog here; “ In the Woods,some Useful Sketches.” I just knew they would be useful someday!

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  1. How Wonderful!! An exciting endeavor! I will look forward to a progress report!

  2. Ah thank you so much. Yes indeed it is exciting if a bit daunting. Making progress but slowly! 🙂 Val

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