Drawing Willows with Willow Charcoal.

2013 Willows: Last year I made some drawings of the Willows at Perry. It was April.

pollarded 1bg    pollarded 2 bg

willow branches bg     willows1bg 


2014 Willows

Today I went back to the same spot. There are new pollards and the pollarded trees from last year have sent out huge strong shoots.

perry-willows      3-willows

Three sketches of the same log. The one top right was from last year. Now like some magic hedgehog it has sprung long spines. I made some pen and ink sketches. The shapes of the new stumpy pollarded trees are strange. They give the landscape a desolate look, ruins of old tree.




Pen and Ink sketches A4 And the 3 in charcoal.


Exuberant growth from last years pollard.


The twisty truncated branches on their short bases remind me of some trimmed internal organ.


Charcoal Sketches 12 x16 inches  Perry Thursday 13th March.

It is rather special charcoal ..more of that in my next post…..

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  1. Hi Val! Spring greetings from Lincolnshire..

    Love these drawings. Although it’s nice when it happens, in some ways when the leaves finally grow they cover up the best bits.. The pics also remind me that the book ‘The New Sylva’ by Sarah Simblet is due to be published in April. Always like a good tree book.

    Oh, and don’t forget to check the willow flowers for the bee Andrena clarkella..

  2. Thanks both!
    Alan, that Sarah Simblet book looks as though it will be wonderful.Lots of bees around but not much time for bee watching!

    Chris: you are so kind!!!!

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