Sketch Week

A week of sketching and other things ….

1. Here be Dragons… We have a least two in the Village.. probably more but I have yet to meet them.

I sketched these two handsome beasts today, on a bright sunny rain-free morning. I don’t like hanging around outside peoples houses so these were very quick and approximate.
They live on a cottage roof from where, at night, they take wing. Actually I think one of them is a gryphon. They are mostly silhouetted as the path is on the north side of the house.

They have different take-off points The big dragon is poised at the end of stepped tiles and the smaller gryphon crouches at the bottom of a curving slope.


I have admired them since we came here. They sit very well on their cottage.


Pen and Ink Sketches:  A5 sketchbook.

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