“A Certain Sleepy Perfection of Contour”

What can this be?.. Why, a pig of course!

“To begin with, pigs are very beautiful animals.  Those who think otherwise are those who do not look at anything with their own eyes, but only through other people’s eyeglasses.  The actual lines of a pig (I mean of a really fat pig) are among the loveliest and most luxuriant in nature; the pig has the same great curves, swift and yet heavy, which we see in the rushing water or in rolling cloud. “ GK Chesterton liked pigs.. this is from “Rhapsody on a Pig” published in the The Illustrated London News, 8 May 1909.

I think it would be fair to say that G K Chesterton himself had some of those very same luxuriant contours.
And he is so right about the pigs. Those gorgeous soft curves and that wonderful spread of weight as they lie down….

Sleeping pigs…well, most of them.




Pencil on A4 sketchbook It’s pig week for me over at Beautiful Beasts.

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  1. Gorgeous! I'd say that "luxurious contours" describes these sketches beautifully.

  2. Hi Sarah .. many thanks . I loved drawing them. Those big soft shapes are just lovely. More to come I hope.

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