Happy Easter and Blog Break.

I have been so busy that Easter has just come out of nowhere. With the exhibition up and running, posting here will be sporadic for a while. No, I am not lounging around in the sun unfortunately, but doing some illustration work. A book I illustrated some 20 years ago is to be republished in a smaller format and needs some illustrations to be re done; a curious job, to be copying my own work! There will not be a leaf in sight so the work doesn’t really fit in this blog but if the author permits I will publish progress. I will hopefully be continuing leafy, pod-type posting twice a week here, with more Leu finds or other images and stories

Also with a year of sketches and drawings piling up it is time to make room for more so I will be offering some work for sale. Therefore, my faithful blog readers, if you find you can’t live without a strangely beautiful little pencil drawing of a seed pod or two let me know….special rates apply for faithful readers! I am about to get more organised but at the moment my selling strategies are haphazard.. i.e. if you have seen something on the blog you have liked let me know and if it I still have it and it is in a saleable form I can let you know price size etc.

Meanwhile Happy Easter to you all and many many thanks for all your kind comments and good wishes for the exhibition, which so far is going very well!

I am having a couple of days off!

Spring Tree and Bird

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  1. Have a very happy Easter, Val.

    Hope you have a little bit of a proper break as well as a blog break – and that the exhibition continues to do well.

    Best wishes


  2. Hope you’re having a good relaxing break from the blog. But don’t forget to return. 🙂

  3. Thankyou both very much, just one day before getting on with some illustration work.. but I do like a change, which they say is as good as a rest..?? although idling my time away by the pool with a book is looking very attrctive right now!

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