Days of Wine and… labels

It’s not all bees. I do do other things and amongst the nicest of them are wine labels. In the summer I worked with Jeff at Liquid Farm on a label for his new wine label.
“Liquid Farm”.

It must be (and is, from what I gather from Jeff and Nikki) very exciting to launch your own wine.
One of those things many of us food and wine lovers would love to do. It goes hand in hand with producing your own olive oil, or fine cheese or honey or any gorgeous foodie products which have been made with love and care.
I was so pleased to be able to be involved! The image is surreal and intriguing (Jeff’s concept) and beautifully printed with that nice bit of cool embossing too!
After my bit, which was working on adapting an existing drawing, there were a few mores stages.
The design of the label itself, the typeface and of course the wording. When all that was finalised the labels had to be approved by the USA government.


Then there are proofs,  which are always interesting.. I like to see the mechanics behind producing things. It shows the markup in blue for the embossing.

Then the labels..


.. and finally on the bottle!

LF on bottle

And below with their appreciative parrot, Rio


Their website is almost there;, you can follow them on Facebook and the official launch is imminent.

Most of their 2009 is already sold but they will be bottling the White Hill 2010 in July and releasing it around Oct/November.
The very best of luck to you Nikki and Jeff!
I am so looking forward to tasting the wine sometime, can’t think of a better excuse for a holiday in California! Interestingly grapes do not need bees for pollination..which is reassuring in a way .. but poetically bees, honey and wine seem a nice fit.

There is of course mead, but that’s a whole different post.