Leaf of the Day: Two Trout Pears

Sweet little Forelle Pears. Small, perfect and delightfully spotted, hence their name the Trout Pear. I thought trout and pears sounded like a very tasty mixture, so I looked for a recipe.

This one is from the Pittsburg Post Gazette here
Trout Napoleon with arugala, goat cheese stuffing, roasted new potaotes and grilled pear watercress and bacon salad
1 trout fillet
Salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
12 ounces arugula
6 ounces goat cheese
2 fresh pears
4 strips bacon
6 ounces watercress
2 new potatoes
Fresh herbs for seasoning
Take trout fillet and cut into three pieces and season with salt and pepper. Dust skin side with cornstarch and saute in hot oil (about 2 minutes per side). In a separate pan, cook arugula in hot oil for 30 seconds, remove from heat and add goat cheese.
To assemble, place piece of trout down, then arugula mix; trout, then mix; then trout again to create a stack, or napoleon.
To prepare salad
Slice fresh pear, season with salt and pepper and grill (1 minute per side). Cut bacon into bite-sized pieces and cook until crispy and then cool. Mix grilled pears, bacon and watercress with extra virgin olive oil and place on top of stacked trout.
For roasted potatoes
Cut potatoes in half, toss with oil, and season with salt and pepper and fresh herbs. Cook in 350-degree oven until soft.
Serves 1.
from Mitchell’s Fish Market

I think I would have stuffed a whole beautiful fresh spotted rainbow trout and oven baked it, perhaps in a little perry, served with a watercress, pear, and hazelnut salad and the new potaotes..minus the bacon…but then I never could follow a recipe.

This is not turning into a food blog, but how can I draw fruit without thinking of food!

A drawing of the cut pear, its interior structure is very beautiful, and a colour note sketch.


Trout Pear