Leaf of the Day: Creeping Fig

Today´s drawing is a little piece of the creeping fig which is enthusiastically climbing the walls of the apartment complex. It has a very interesting habit of pushing out side shoots almost at right angles which creates a pretty, delicate tracery against the cream painted walls
It clings onto surfaces with little wiry adventitious roots and also makes its own glue, just to be on the safe side. Its willingness to quickly creep, cover, twine and wind itself around almost anything makes it very useful and adaptable for covering ugly structures and it can ably adapt itself to more indulgent artistic projects.

Here in Orlando is it finds full employment, softening concrete road bridges, reducing traffic noise and, as you would expect, has a starring role at the theme parks.
These wonderful ears were created by Topiary Joe. Go to his fantastic website here to get some inspiration for that 15 ft sculpture you have been longing to erect in the garden.


Creeping Fig