Leaf of the Day: Publix Tomato 4664

It’s election day…and even though we are not able to vote we are completely caught up in it all. It is a very exciting time and we hold our breath for change. However I dragged myself away from the TV to make a drawing of the humble tomato. It was the first thing to come to hand on this busy day and fruit is on my list of things to practice.There is so much to say about the tomato that I will leave it for another post when I have time. I love them, use them everyday, always take out the core and if I am being a perfectionist will skin them. Simple Mediterranean food is my food of choice and tomatoes, olive oil and basil is one of life’s perfect food combinations. Let the wonderful Elizabeth David who liberated Britain from post war stodge say it.
“A world devoid of tomato soup, tomato sauce, tomato ketchup and tomato paste is hard to visualize. Could the tin and processed food industries have got where they have without the benefit of the tomato compounds which colour, flavour, thicken and conceal so many deficiencies? How did the Italians eat spaghetti before the advent of the tomato? Was there such a thing as tomato-less Neapolitan pizza?”
Elizabeth David (1913-1992)
An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, 1984

The designer in me loves labels and packaging, so I like to include these sticky labels. They often find their way into the salad too.
The 9 colour studies are just some quick no-drawing exercises which are great to improve brush control and play with some colours.

Publix Tomato 4664