A Few Bird Sketches, but am humbled by masters.

I have been working on the hypnorum painting today.. this is the second time I have started it. (First time around I managed to drop some paint on the pristine white paper when I was about half way through.. sigh).

I am also trying to resume sketching everyday and at 4.00 the weather was still  beautiful so I took a sketchbook out, determined to try to sketch some birds. Birds are not really my thing but I was so very inspired by seeing all the wonderful paintings at Birdfair yesterday.

I have never been to this event before, never seen so many bird paintings, never been seduced by so many alluring travel companies and by so much gorgeous techie birdwatching equipment.

There were some favourite artists there and the wonderful work of Darren Woodhead  http://www.darrenwoodheadartist.co.uk/.

He works outside on large sheets of paper and is an inspiration with stunningly beautiful watercolours which are loose and expressive with superb brushwork. He is a master.

My response today, resisting the urge to tear up everything I have ever done, has been to take out the smallest sketchbook I have and try to draw the birds on the reservoir… well, all I can say is, it’s a start. The grebes have two babies which are learning to dive.. sometimes they all disappear together.. they call to each other constantly.

grebes 1

My favourite terns sitting on, what I now call, tern rock. 🙂

tern rock

And swans looking swan like and beautiful.

swans 1

Maybe more birds and bigger birds tomorrow.. maybe not.