A Motley Crew

A few more half hour sketches with the #portraitnovemeber  twitter theme in mind. I cut up some old pieces of board to approx 8 x 6 inches and gave them a quick coat of gesso. They are by my desk for when I have a moment to create another member of the gang.


image image  image image image  image image imageimage image

It’s very interesting to see who emerges. I am fitting them in between pigs, prints and the other bits and pieces of life. This coming week I may try just one or two more finished ones.

Four More Days of Portrait Sketches

In between other jobs this week I have set aside half an hour a day to continue the portrait sketches. Tuesday: A few more doodles of faces. I tried to make these more “real” than the constructed heads of Monday, looking for a bit more variation and character in them.

 bg quick heads

Pen and ink,  A4 sketchbook.

There are always one or two which seem to have the potential for life and some appeal more than others. Two I liked from Tuesday.

woman tuesTues head


: A few  more real people.. well almost real.. again pen and ink

bg wed faces

and two I like.

bg wed facewed head2

Thursday After three days of rather random sketching I needed a bit of focus and  I remembered a couple of ideas for prints/paintings. The ideas came from a couple of walks, for which I needed a figure and a head.


Loosely based on Chris. None of them really look like him as all I need is a head and his is the nearest.:) __________________________________________________________

A few more sketches to explore some ideas.


I might use a profile or a figure. I think to try a profile in lino would be quite a challenge.


Hmmm…  I know I will have to simplify the image and thicken the lines. It’s going to be interesting.
My lino cutting is still a bit rough and ready and I can see Chris turning into an aging Bash St Kid.
Actually, that is perhaps not too far from the truth.

Portrait November

The artists group on Twitter are running with the theme #portraitnovember this month. Although portraits are not really my passion and it is a long time since I drew any people, I feel that drawing anything is good practice.

So I am going to try to some “portrait” sketching each day. It might well come in handy for some prints and who knows where it might go. I have also asked my Easton painters if they would like to join me, I hope they will!
So to start with, a page of little thumbnail sketches. They are just constructions of basic head shapes for a bit of practice.
Oh… I am rusty.












Then a few pen and ink sketches again from constructed head shapes.

First faces : pen and ink and pencil. A4 sketchbook

After so long away from drawing faces I am just glad they look human.

But something odd happens when you create a face. Suddenly a new character has arrived in your life ..from where? Memories, imagination, wishful thinking? I am not sure.

Then having magicked them up, there is an odd sense of responsibility to, and for, them and a wish to know their story.










Who are you? Where are you from? Where to…. ?