Leaf of the Day: “Ripe When Wrinkled”

A sort of companion to yesterday’s post, this is the large commercial Passionfruit Passiflora edulis, complete with the nice little heart sticker of the Florida Passionfruit company, which bears the useful infomation, (if you have your glasses on) ” Ripe when Wrinkled” the other little black one is the ripe fruit from yesterdays Batleaved Passion flower. I cut it open because I was interested to see what it was like inside and, not surprisingly, it is a mini version of the edulis. Passionfruit are also called granadilla meaning “little pomegranate” in Spanish, and I suppose there is a passing resemblance.

I have yet to draw a passionflower. I look at them and admire them and will get round to it next year when (hopefully) I can work much faster. They are not easy to paint well. There are quite a few beautiful varieties at Leu including a stunning red one which grows a long way from the main paths on one of the fences.

I think it is the Grape Leaved Passion Flower Passiflora Vitifolia

Passionflowers in general are so varied and so beautiful from their extraordinarily beautiful, structured blossoms to their interesting leaf shapes which I have touched upon before.
They have also been used for many years as herbal remedy known for their sedative effect. Their decorative appeal is obvious and here is a collection of stamps featuring passionflowers from Myles S. Irvine’s excellent Uk Passionflower site here .

I do like sites that are put together by enthusiasts or collectors. They are often so informative because the true collector will go to the ends of the earth to find information and interesting details. Whether they are strictly accurate of not is another matter. This particular site has a very good section on pollinators and some excellent photos and art.
Food wise I have only used them occasionally as an addition to fruit fool or mousse. I have recently seen a recipe including them in a sauce to serve with fish which sounds quite delicious.


Passion Fruits