Leaf of the Day: Luna Moth Ginger

The Luna Moth Ginger , Hedychium. What a gorgeous flower this is. It’s big, 4 inches across, white, delicately scented and with beautifully shaped fragile petals and the bright orange anther. I had taken a photo of this lovely thing a couple of weeks ago and last time I was down in the gardens I saw that it had almost finished flowering so I grabbed one little blossom to draw. Today I just had to get this drawing done before it expired. It has been sitting in the fridge for a couple of days and lasted for an hour before collapsing in a limp heap on the drawing table. I have painted just one blossom as the leaves are too big to tackle at this stage.
The flowers themselves are held in informal groups on curving individual stems, forming very pretty untidy bunches. They are the sort of flowers I like.

The Ginger family is a great discovery for me here. Every week I am seeing more and more interesting and beautiful flowers only to discover they are from the ginger family. Who would have guessed! Here is my photo of the Luna Moth Ginger from a a couple of weeks ago.

And why is it called the “Lunar Moth Ginger? Well probably this
stunning image from Dale Jamiesons photo album at Pbase here will explain. This most beautiful creature is the Luna Moth (Actius luna) a silkmoth with a wing span of 3 to 8 inches and which apparently has a natural pale green fluorescence making it glow in the dark.

… and last and most important, today is the last day of six whole months of this blog and I want to say a very special thank you to all my friends old and new who are these days scattered all over the world. You email, send me comments and photos, put me right, give me encouragement, share knowledge, make me laugh and keep my nose to this particularly demanding grindstone. It all helps so much, believe me. For someone who kept a diary for all of three days when I was seven this has been an effort, is slowly becoming a habit and will be an achievement if I do manage to stay the whole 27 months of the course…only 21 to go…oh surely not… Thankyou all..don’t stop!

Luna Moth Ginger