Short Walk:Day Five. A Quick Brown Fox and Birds in Trees

Just an hour today to get out for air. I walked up and away from the reservoir, a very short walk to where the old Grafham railway line crosses one of the paths. There are some old dead trees up there and a view back to the farm and the cottages. I took a different pen today.

My Rotring Art Pen which I keep trying to like, but I endlessly lose the cap. Where exactly do Rotring think you will put the cap when you are using it, because it doesn’t sit on the end. It drives me insane. It’s a shame because I do like using it.

I have the fine nib, not the extra fine which would be better for this small sketchbook. It was worth trying it again, but I think it might go back in the box. The crows and rooks like to sit in the dead trees…

birds1 bg

A curving path runs up the hill towards another old dead tree. I will be doing another sketch of this one. Its trunk incorporates an old gate hinge.. curious…?

path bg

I was drawing the little new trees in their plastic tubes which line one of the fields, when a fox trotted across the path.

fox bg

I have lots to do this week.. but will try to keep up the sketching.
A week today I will at Nature In Art with my bees!