Leaf of the Day: Bird’s Foot Ivy

Lincolnshire in May is looking wonderful. As I drove up through the country lanes yesterday there were cowslips aplenty growing in the verges. The hedges are coated with white and pink may blossom and the huge horse chestnut trees are just shedding their blossoms in a rain of white petals. In the garden the tree peony is in bloom, the copper beech tree colour is glorious and the sun is shining. I have spent the day weeding and planting out some bedding plants, good honest toil. The robin who always comes and does those very cute robin things …perching on the wheelbarrow, perching on the fork handle etc…did not let me down and I was glad to see 2 magpies for good luck hopping about the lawn.

The apple blossom is over, more or less, but scrambling enthusiastically up the crab apple tree in dad’s garden is this pretty and elegant bird’s foot ivy. This drawing shows the different variations in leaf from just one small section of the plant.
I also liked the 5 sticks which are enigmatically propped up against the old wall, just by the tree, so I have made a quick pencil sketch. I think they come in the “useful sticks” category of garden implements. Every gardener will understand.

Birds Foot Ivy