A New Year

It’s bitterly cold, grey and icy and to be honest I don’t find much to celebrate on this particular New Years Day, but any small achievements have to be acknowledged at the moment I think.
I was determined to make a drawing in the wood today so gingerly cycled along the lethally slippery track to my favourite spot and made this quick sketch. Mossy Hump no 73.

It was quiet, cold, still and lovely. It’s never really about the drawing it’s more about being there. I am very grateful for woods.

My small daily drawing is a rough sketch for a character I am working on and is a nod to a bit of spring cleaning…

….shaking procrastination from the cloth of creativity perhaps? Hmmm …hopefully.

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  1. Thank for the year just gone and I hope to see more in 2021

  2. Interesting clothes, with a story in them.

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