November Drawings.. a hopeful plan

In order to keep the gloom and despair of another lockdown at bay and to actually make something lasting, I’m embarking on some daily quick drawings. The intention is not to just leave them in sketchbooks or on scraps of paper, but to bind them into a series of books.

I’m hoping they will also serve as a record of time passing because I, like many others, am finding it difficult to remember what has happened week on week. When all the days seem to be the same, without the markers of days away, meeting with friends, meals out and inspiring visits to galleries and museums, the weeks have just collpased into grey nothingness.
But even if nothing much is happening, there will surely be something small, each day, that I see, read or learn which I can make a note of. Anything but Covid.

I am going to try to complete them in less than half an hour so they don’t take over my life. It will give me an opportunity to try some different papers and techniques. improve my bookbinding etc etc and be a springboard for other projects and ideas. To make things easy I have limited my book size to 150mm (approx 6 inches) square so the sketches are small.

I am sure not all of them will make it into the books, but these are a better-than-nothing start. 🙂 Starting is the hardest part!

These little drawings include the last beans from our newish allotment.
It’s one thing that has kept us vaguely sane this year so needed to be remembered 🙂



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