Meanwhile….. some escape sketches

I have not felt very creative recently, but have been mulling over some ideas, wondering why some things are not quite working and how to solve the problems.
Fortunately I have managed to find an escape route to my favourite little spinney and problem solving location, just to make some sketches and have some soul restoring time with the trees.

These are nothing much but making these sketches sparks more ideas and possibilities.
I made pen and ink sketches up at the wood and then a few ink and colour  ideas back here.





It doesn’t matter if nothing comes of them, but something may filter through into a print for a series of drawings. In fact I find myself getting interested in all things mossy and thinking of making a moss area in the garden.

I brought some moss back to draw.


Hmmm possibilities.. 🙂

More mossy somethings to come this week I hope:)



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