Beautiful Boxes

This is the first post of my relocated blog.

Welcome if you have just found me here rather than my old home at Blogger!!

I think all the old posts going back to 2008 are still intact. You can find them by scrolling down this page or via that nifty dropdown in the sidebar on the right “Lots of lovely posts from the past”. Even I think there is some very interesting stuff there!

So to start this new phase of blogging, I am celebrating my modest success in making some lovely book boxes, which I did mention in the my last post on Blogger.


I wish I could take all the credit but all I did was follow some very precise instructions from master box maker Clare Bryan on her excellent Box Making course at City Lit.
The boxes are delightful. A slipcase, a clamshell, a japanese box and a card folder.

They all fit into each other.. how nice is that! Then I made some inserts for the slip case and experimented with making a box with compartments. Much more to learn and improve but a wonderful spring board for so many ideas!

The cutting is very very precise, but the result is well worth the care.

This excellent course  brightened up the darkening days of November and made me address my glue problems. I will get tidierI will work cleanerI will not get glue all over everything! 

See Clare’s beautiful work here:

And of course more excellent bookbinding courses ( and many other things ) at City Lit here:

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