Colour Sketches from the Wood

Some small sketches from the wood to make some colour notes as the weather changes. They will help so much for printmaking. I start with a pen sketch just quickly getting down some main lines and lights and darks and then follow up with the colour notes.
I have wanted to do this for some time dithering about what paint etc as I need a quick drying paint for working outside.
In the end I used gouche. Gouache is still my go to paint for these quick colour notes. I love its thick slightly chalky texture.


It’s a small square sketchbook 5.5 inches square 14 x14 cms


There are 60 pages.. I hope to fill them all.

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  1. Thanks very much Sharon. sorry for late reply. I really enjoyed doing these. Am a bit tied up with the black and white woodcuts now and rather missing colour ! Val

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