A Big Print

Following on from the sketches and small print trials from the last post, a large print. My first venture into large scale printmaking. You have to up the size of the marks, get organised, have much more time just for cutting and inking. Then have space for laying out the blocks and the print paper. All this was made possible by our excellent tutor Katherine Van Uytrecht and the City Lit printroom.


It’s not a good photo but gives an idea of size. The plates were wood and lino and I loved doing it. There was only time for one print so I can only regard it as “ A Start”.  Some things worked some did not but that is what experimental printmaking is all about.


An idea of the surface detail…


The print set up… registration plate, woodblocks and the paper taped at the far end. The print is just over 4ft long.

More to come.

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  1. delicious ! reminds me of wild, beautiful stitching on indigo fabric ~ amazing. can't wait to see what's to come…

  2. Many thanks Therese It was a revelation to me. I think there will be more to come ! 🙂

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