Paper, paper, paper.. and more paper

This week I have been experimenting with some paper dyeing and decorating alongside attending a great little course at City Lit in London led by Nesta Davies, all about dyeing and manipulating paper. The course was particularly interesting to me because Nesta is a bookbinder and so has books in mind when creating these papers. The scope is endless. I tried some paper decorating many years ago but nothing with dyes, which is a whole different thing.


Dyed and decorated papers

At home I tried some natural dyes and inks, as well as commercial brands. I made a few trials of paste papers, edge dyed folded papers…


…and even a bit of eco dying with the steamer. Fascinating.
The lovely thing about the eco dyed papers is that they are, not only double sided but a complete surprise.

eco-2      ec3

I have promised myself that the next time I do it I will make notes as to what went where and how. I am just too excited to get that organised.

I have no conclusions or plans as to what exactly to do with them yet, just having a lovely time playing with stuff!Next weekend, after the final day, I should have some more resolved items. Maybe not, because I have another week of experimenting ahead. 🙂

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  1. Lovely work Val, looking forward to seeing some books made with the papers!
    (no pressure there then)

  2. Late to reply Nesta, but loved the course. Have just made one book to hold samples of the papers. Just need time to put those papers in! Will send image when done. Val

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