February Night Frogs in the Rain

I’ve had a bad cold for what seems like most of February, but if anything can cheer me up and really heralds the approach of spring it’s the arrival of the frogs.
After a warm sunny day last week, as evening approached, a light rain started.
We could hear the frogs from inside the house, blissful in the rain, splashing and jumping around the pond. Their eyes just pinpoints of reflected light in the dusk.

I made a quick reduction print to record this joyful event.


“February Rain”… lino reduction  6 x 4 inches

frog sketch

Later I took my small camera out and recorded their spring song. Well I like to think of it as song!
This may be the most boring Youtube video ever, no visuals to speak of but take a minute to listen to happy frogs on a February night in the rain. Tiny spots of light are their little froggy eyes moving about the pond.

Now isn’t that just lovely?

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  1. Loved the little frog eyes glowing in the dark! I can understand being so excited about a harbinger of spring that you'd go out in the cold and dark, with a cold, to capture a bit of the magic. I tried and tried, with my iPad volume as high as it would go but couldn't hear anything. I'll try at work later. Thanks and hope you feel better!

  2. Hi there Mary.. oh I am sorry you could not hear the frogs.. here is the link to Youtube if that is better. Dont get too excited though.. It is only a minute of happy frogs:)

  3. Hi and thanks for the YouTube link. I did hear the little froggy croaks and patter of rain. Made me smile! We've heard a lot of rain here in northern Calif and spring is definitely upon us. No frogs close by, but glad I got to hear yours.

  4. So glad you managed to hear them Mary. They have all scattered now and the pond is full of wriggling tadpoles. 🙂

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