The Branch Book

One characteristic of the big old oaks in the Spinney are the long long twisting branches that seem to defy gravity. Last year in December I needed to make some quick prints to make a small book to bind as part of a great 2 day course with bookbinder Ina Baumeister. On the course we were making a simple book but more importantly making our own bookcloth which was a complete eye opener.

For the book I made a very quick set of 8 sequential collagraph plates based on a long branch, printed to make a ten page codex book. (Good practise to get pagination right). This is the result.

branch-1-c     branch-1-bth


Branch Book 200 x 130mm, approx 8 x 5 inches

I have returned to this to develop it more, to get more practise with both printing and binding. One of my aims this year is to get more books made and although it’s a slow process it is very satisfying… when it goes right. Today I printed 3 more sets on different papers to compare how they print, some thin, some thick…and hope to bind them slightly differently

branch-codex-book-pages    branch-plates

Yes, it’s very slow, it took me all day to print them but another good resolution this year is to try and do things properly, ie: take time to cut the paper correctly, make printing guides and TRY to keep my grubby fingers off the paper. This I managed, just, but only after quite a few reprints. Of course if I had made the plates all the same size exactly in the first place it would have helped!
It’s a learning thing…

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  1. Val, you do such interesting courses and projects. I love this cover design and often think you are so very good at paring a subject down to its absolute essentials while retaining the essence.

    I too am circling round the 'do it properly' (at least the first time!) and my new year resolution is along the lines of 'do it properly and finish it' with emphasis on the finish it. Otherwise I'll have to designate another box for half-completed craft-y stuff.

    All the best for 2017. Carole

  2. Hi Carole nice to hear from you! .. Your comment resonates so much. I find it so hard to finish things.Its (just one) of my many failings. I alos have many many boxes of half completed ideas and projects, So far this year I am sticking to it even if the "finished " thing is not as I wanted it. (mostly!)

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