Some Lovely Bees

The only thing to do at the moment is to go out and commune with some bees.


little-bee     IMG_3141

Tiny tiny delicate white faced  Hyleaus bees on the coriander flowers and the furry lamb’s ear. They are such a favourite of mine. No-one ever bought a print of this one ..too much like a wasp people said…..


The normal hover flies look enormous in comparison

Little male Bombus lapidarius sleeping away a rain shower. and without its pollinating bee anymore, the self pollinating bee orchid from a grassy patch by the reservoir.


All that dressing up with no-one left to impress, except a few of us humans…
The male longhorn bee is known to visit this beautiful thing,.. but they are very rare in the UK.
It would be lovely to see one; it is the right sort of habitat with vetchling, clovers and trefoils.
Maybe another day .

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  1. Bees make everything better. The Hyleaus bees don't look that wasp-like!

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