Last Daily Sketches

The last few daily sketches for this month:


Monday 27th July: One of the stones from the reservoir edge again. This is my favourite. clary

Tuesday 28th July: A single flower from the very beautiful wild flower, Meadow Clary which I grow in the garden. The colour is stunning.


The flower positions the pollen bearing stamens in the top part of the flower which rub against the insects who push into the flower looking for nectar. The anther is like a little serpents tongue.. nice!
It is classified by Plant life as near “Near Threatened” due to loss of habitat. But you can buy it! Please do.. it’s gorgeous, mine came from Bee Happy Plants: It has begun to seed itself around too.

birds-ft-thrfoil      bft-2

Wednesday 29th July : A couple of seed heads from another ace bee plant, Birds foot trefoil. The individual pods dry and twist to scatter tiny, tiny, seeds.


Thursday 30th July: A Selection of Bird Cherries from the tree outside. Not many are still green. They are just about edible ..the birds have already started..


Friday 31st July I am about to shift my focus and it’s back to the lovely bees for a while. Some sketches and simplified designs from a deceased little Bombus pascuorum the Common Carder bee.
I am hoping for a small booklet in about 3 weeks time if I ever get to grips with InDesign.

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