Winter Colours

Yesterday I had another look at the greens outside and made these 4 colour studies.


4 Winter Greens

These were Ok but I needed more scope because the colours are more complex so I returned to the 9 square format I have used before in making colour trials. These two were done last summer for the Easton show, they represent two poppies.

I made quite a few small colour mixing trials….

col2-bg    col3     wcol-1bg

These are from looking out of the window at the Garden. About 7 inches square
and more …..


And one larger piece. It’s really a good excuse for some careful observation and colour mixing and can get rather addictive, but they do take along time. With some thought and experiments with different colours you can achieve some very beautiful subtle effects which don’t really show in the photos. It all depends on what paper, which paint, how much water etc.


Watercolour sample about 11 inches square

And a small one in gouache. I am very fond of working in gouache yet seldom do. More to come I think.

7 inches square gouache

There are many beautiful colours out there right now. just take a look, unless of course, you have a blanket of snow…but even then.. blues greys purples etc etc…

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  1. I am just loving this series of "sample" works. I had never thought of using spheres for colour studies. So much nicer than rows of oblongs and so much more scope for shading.

  2. Hi there franinoz.. thanks so much I am loving doing them! They do take forever but I thought they would be more interesting than oblongs because they can have just 4 very small touching points which allows for some interesting if uncontrollable runs and merges. The difference in papers is immense. One could spend a lifetime doing does all get a bit obsessive! Val

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