More Easton Panels

Only a few days to go before we put the show up and there seem to be lots of last minute things to do. But the panels are done: The enjoyable things about this work, especially working from photo sections is that you don’t have to agonise about what to paint or draw. The three images below are my sections from the photo. It’s just the interpretation you have to worry about, which could have been anything from abstract to collage.

A flowery path through the Pickery.

bbird easton bg

The Towers of the main gate.


A Chestnut Tree and Birds

This tree section was perhaps the most unprepossessing. But it is a chestnut tree, so that made it easier. Some wind tossed candelabra flowers and I added some high flying red kites that I see so often soaring over the distant trees there. A rook sits on the stone wall.

tree and kites bg

Night on the River
This last one is a panel for the theme “Water and Flowers”. The small stream that runs through Easton is the fledgling River Witham. It rises a few miles away and wriggles its way through Easton and on to Lincoln and then to Boston where it is mighty and impressive with a such rich history of trade and travel. There is a pretty bridge to walk over at the Gardens. I have drawn the river at dusk with the strange and wonderful shapes of the primeval gunnera and some bats. In the end I added a bit of wildlife to all of the panels.


Images A4; watercolour and pen and ink

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