Coot and Willow Print

I’m still working on the lovely cootses and as it’s a while since I did any lino work I made a quick trial reduction print to work out some ideas. It’s an image I want to develop along with some others. I like these neat birds.

c-sketches-bg       coot-6-bg     coot-roughs-bg

I did a few initial drawings and tonal sketches for what will be a 3 colour reduction.


Various first stages and the lino block


Some final stages with various different colourways. I like the image, but the printing needs work :).

Maybe one really good one out of 6.


Coot and Willow..  image 6 x6 inches

I see the coot pottering about on the shoreline here, in and out of the willows. There is always a fisherman somewhere.

The coot is large, the willow tree is small. That’s just how I wanted it.

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  1. I like coots too – and can never get used to the idea that they have blue feet.

  2. They are really nice, neat little birds.. and yes those feet are awesome… feisty things too!

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