Some More Tree Following

It’s the week to sign in the Lucy’s Tree Following project.

The Chestnut Trees are developing so very quickly now.
There is a light green haze of leaves around them and some of the more advanced trees have a flower here and there.



The flower spikes are lengthening and the individual florets becoming more spaced out.


Florets coming into bloom from the base up.

I made one drawing of a more developed twig with a flower spike still in bud.


My flagging model after a couple of hours


The pencil drawing A3 And a couple of conkers I rescued from the verge mowing.


A loose sketch of the two sprouting conkers.

They only have long tap roots so far. They seem to grow upside down. To my great surprise the sad looking old black conkers that I optimistically planted in a pot outside are sprouting.


A new leaf is about the emerge. Spring!

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  1. How, exciting. Leaves opening (looking like a row of tents in your photo!) florets opening and conkers growing. All seasons in one post.

    Don't forget to put the URL in the box on Loose and Leafy so other readers can find you.


  2. Hi Lucy The tent thing is interesting It was a chilly day and I think the leaves droop more when it's cold. I am finding out so much more about trees in general through doing this. It's fascinating. Link posted on L&L.

  3. How delightful to have such an exquisite artistic record of aspects of your tree! Horse chestnuts are so 'showy'. Thank you for visiting my silver birch.

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