Girlie the Berkshire Pig….again

The more I read about the Berkshires and the more I see them, the more I like them. I have an idea for a larger pig drawing/painting/print and have been wondering which pig to choose.

I am rather fond of Girlie who I met at Sylvia’s farm (see “Spotty Dotty and Girlie”) on a very muddy day in Feb and today I made a few more studies of her. The Berkshires are medium sized and have those lovely alert pricked ears and are a smart black/brown with a white blaze, white socks and a white tip to the tail.
For me the sketchbooks are an essential part of working out ideas. When you start drawing, more ideas occur as you work with the shapes, colours and sometimes the personality. This pig has oodles of that.


“Girlie” sketchbookA4


and a couple more…. I am almost convinced she is the one for my project.
See more about the Berkshires on Chris’ Salute the Pig Blog.

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  1. Hi Val, I'm loving your pig sketches! 🙂

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