Birds and Bees

Black Headed Gulls
Yesterday I went to Perry for an afternoon walk and stopped at the bird hide which overlooks the reservoir looking north. Right in front was a gang of black headed gulls perching on the wooden posts. There was much preening and primping, sleeping and occasionally squawking. Some have their dark brown heads and some are in grey headed winter plumage.They have a very attractive white eye border which gives them lots of character.


It was calm, very quiet and very peaceful. It’s a good place to make a few sketches with a bench and ID guides.

gulls-1-bg  gulls-2-bg

Some balance on quite small posts and have to keep shifting their weight.



Some find larger posts and sleep.


A little Goldeneye swam past too. I have been working some more on the woodcut this week and am thinking how these birds might work as prints.


Black headed Gull A washy watercolour sketch :

I like this relaxed pose where they tuck their head back. His post is just slightly too small though. :).There was quite a bit of shuffling.

Bumble Bees!

Back in the garden I have seen lots of Bombus terrestris now. I am wondering if they are queens from the rescue colony, because last year they were not so numerous. I would like to think so. They are on the bird cherry, winter honeysuckle, crocus and surprisingly to me on the little violets. I had not seen them on the violets before but it seems they are a good nectar source. This bee spent quite a while on each flower.

bb-bg     cb-bg

A gorgeous bee on equally gorgeous flower..some nice complementary colours there! It’s great to see them.

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  1. in Switzerland the gulls looked as if their heads had been dipped in chocolate. No bird quite like that here.

  2. Diana.. yes they really pretty birds. I like to watch them over the water. Effortless gliding and diving. Yesterday I saw some beautiful cormorants … I think that's my next bird!
    Hoping to catch up with the tree followers this weekend!

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