“you could draw us – the small dragon – on your church spire …”

Yes I could…with pleasure. This comment was left on my blog after my last post: Puppets and Dragons. I wrote:

“It makes you wonder about the “real sightings” of dragons.
On this black windy night we have just been for a walk. Fast dark clouds race across the face of the moon, twisted branches of bare trees flicker in the intermittent light. It’s easy to stumble, to lose your way, to misinterpret the wind shearing through the branches for something else.  In a flash of moonlight did I see a small dragon twisting itself around the spire of our village church?…Who knows.”

Diana commented:

“you could draw us – the small dragon – on your church spire….”

I am not one to shrink from a challenge. This is for you Diana, my faithful blog reader!

Initial thumbnails….


The pencil sketch


The ink sketch.


Ahh black and white heaven. There is nothing this girl likes better than getting out the black ink and the old dip pen Dragon on the Spire of All Saints Grafham …. almost done…


I was just going to post this when I realised the small dragon seemed to be looking for something. But there is nothing there. To land on an unknown church spire on a dark winter night seemed a lonely prospect, so I added a welcoming figure.


That’s better.

A Small Dragon seen on the the spire of All Saints Grafham Cambs.
Recorded faithfully by Val Littlewood on the 15th Dec 2013


Happy Solstice to you all….

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  1. oh! That is pure MAGIC. Welcome, little dragon. The pub round the corner is now called George and his dragon.

  2. Beautiful drawing! New Follower.

  3. The result – the man looking up with open arms, the dragon with warm breath looking down in apprehension – is moving.

    I doubt I will be back this way before Wednesday so, if I may, I'll take this opportunity to say Happy Christmas.

  4. I love this drawing. Very spooky and dangerous looking. The dark sky is really effective.

  5. Dear All, Many thanks for your comments. The small dragon has returned to its calmer daytime home on a nearby roof.

    Diana: I am, as always. delighted to get your comments! It was such a nice piece to work on. The legends of this small English village are about to be revitalised..or perhaps that should be reinvented:)

    Jody and Stan:
    Welcome! I hope you enjoy some of the new posts. More dragons to come.

    Esther: Many thanks and greetings to you too. Hope all is well. Yes I had to give a welcome to the small dragon on such a cold and unfriendly night! Dragons are always welcome in my life, as are you !:)

    Foxyloon: Many thanks to you. It has indeed been rather stormy here. Wild and dark. Just the stuff of myth and legend!

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