Easton Walled Gardens Show.. Thanks to all!

A few snaps from the fantastic “Inspired by Easton”show that my group put  together last week. The comments book says it all.. here are a few from our lovely and appreciative visitors…

“So lovely and inspiring, every picture tells a story.”  “Absolutely inspiring.” “Good title- very inspirational – so much to think about.” “So much energy and enthusiasm oozing from everyone’s work.”

All so true. I was delighted that everyone had worked so hard and showed so many different aspects of creativity, From ceramics and glass to sketchbooks, prints and books to fine original paintings.

So,  many thanks to Sue and Sue, Tony and Ian, Jane and Joan, Linda and Linda and Lizzie and Lucy… and of course to everyone at Easton for making it all possible.  We are already thinking about next year!




Tony and Sue sketching

I now have to knock the chaotic house and unruly garden into some sort of shape, then a break in Scotland. As soon as we are back I am off to Twigworth to be Artist in Residence from Sep 24 – 29 at wonderful Nature in Art.. home of some of the best Natural History Art in the world.
Come and say hello if you happen to be nearby. Hopefully back to serious blogging in October!

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