The Boys are Back

I had a really lovely day today with a few of my group at Easton Walled Gardens. The sun shone and everything is growing. I came home and went out into the Garden and for the first time this year saw my bee house springing into life. Just a few beautifully coloured male Mason bees coming in and out of the tubes. Their newly hatched colour glow. I am so very pleased to see them.


Mason Bee in……


Mason Bee peeping out, his distinctive white moustache clearly visible.

And to add to that a sighting of foxy little female Tawny Mining bee prospecting around the base of the lavender and a few days ago I saw another beautiful dark russet and black bee which I now think just might be an Osmia cornuta… no photos yet..

And of course having seen the male Hairy Footed Flower bee.. the females have arrived they have to be one of my very favourite bees. What busy and purposeful girls they are. Not easy to photograph as they barely stop at each flower.


Hopefully better photos of all to come. But my joy is unconfined to see them back! Wild things …you make my heart sing! 🙂

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  1. Buff tailed and tree bumble bees around, but the pulmonaria has only just shown through so I haven't seen and yet in my garden.

  2. Hi Jill Hope the HFFBs out and busy. I have seen so many this year .. and then of course its now cold again. Poor things!

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