Life at Last: Bees, birds and frogs

It was actually warm on Saturday ..yes warm! There was real sun and there were real shadows and at last… Hurrahhh … bees. I was beginning to wonder if any of my local bees had made it through.  First a huge Buff Tailed Bumble Bee queen finding what she could in the bare garden. I have a few crocus but not much else for such a big bee. I hope she is finding more elsewhere. Then in the conservatory window my first little solitary bee. My bee guru Alan has said possibly Andrena bicolor or  Andrena nigroaenea. Whatever he was, I was very pleased to see him.

The Wild Bird Cherry is in blossom and I am sure that’s where he was heading.

bird cherry

Yes real blue sky! Then in the pond, amazingly, 4 frogs who serenaded us all day.

These are our first ever spring frogs. Last year we created the pond, which we populated with tadpoles from my sister’s pond in Lincoln. Then we had many tiny froglets and now the returning adults. How delightful!

Lincolnshire frogs doing well in Cambs…
There is also some very VERY pretty singing from the blackbirds.
You might almost believe that Spring has arrived!

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  1. Here in north Florida we only had small bites of winter and now it seems to be summer. Thanks for your spring appreciation.

  2. The image of the frog in the pond is so cool..

  3. Many thanks Ct. I remember when we were in FLA that I longed for the seasons.. this year I have longed for a bit of Florida sun as well as big pineapples and avocados and endless strawberries and ospreys and chirruping cicadas :).. nowhere is quite perfect is it!

    Nelson thanks so much for your comment. The frogs are very funny. they are quite noisy and remind us of Florida.. see above. but we are very fond of our little wildlife corner here.

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