Garden Record Week 4

This is almost the last week of January. The snow continued all week until Sat and I was getting fed up with trying to find something new to draw out of the window. I drew a few tools and then on Saturday the sun came out and it began to thaw.


Jan 22nd Tues:

A pot with a few hopeful shoots by the back door. It’s sheltered here and the pot only has a little snow.


Jan 23rd Wed:

I have a box of seed packet remnants from last year. Here are a few white runner beans. This is a pen and ink drawing with some washes of colour.


Jan 24th Thurs:

Dad’s long handled trowel. It’s a favourite of mine. I quite like drawing tools. It’s good practice for accurate observation.


Jan 25th Fri:

My gloves and the secateurs…they have been sitting on the windowsill in the conservatory for a long time now. I can’t wait to get into the garden again!


Jan 26th Sat:

There was a little extra snow overnight and we continue to put out food for the birds. The starlings are always the first to arrive. Just as last year there are three and they are called “The Gang of Three”.

image     image

Jan 26th Sun:

Welcome sun and a thaw has come, but on the north side of the house some snow remained in this tub. There are some daffs coming though. Hurrahh… and with a little extra time a single bean. I may chart its progress from bean to splendid and hopefully productive plant


Jan 27th Monday:

The snow has left things bedraggled. This is the edge of a wicker planter with a few wilted strawberry runners. The tiny wren likes this warm corner and seems to find insects under the windowsill.

Three more days to go and I will have the January sketches done. I might do something a little different in February.

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  1. Ooooh, these sketches are gorgeously rendered. So lovely.

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